The color and style of the bridesmaids dresses, their jewelry and shoes, hair and makeup all should reflect the bride’s vision of her perfect wedding day.

The best rule to follow when choosing your accessories is that you want everyone to see you and think how great you look. You do not want them to look at you and be distracted by any one thing. The goal is that all accessories pull together for one fantastic look.

It is very popular today to choose coordinating hues of a single color family and have these different colors reflected in the dresses, floral bouquets and arrangements. Choosing three or four hues also lets each bridesmaid wear the color that flatters her the most.

Most bridesmaids prefer to express their own individual look and also to wear a dress that flatters them the most. This is so easy with Andrew Adela dresses! We have specifically designed coordinating styles so every bridesmaid looks her best and has it her way while still meeting the bride’s wishes.