Andrew Adela gowns are specifically designed for the fashionable women of today. We have a wide variety of fantastic styles so everyone can express their individuality.

Many of our designs coordinate so bridesmaid parties can follow the bride’s vision, while finding their own personal style. We offer a wide range of the hottest and most popular wedding colors. We can change the fabric on many of our gowns so you can have your perfect color.

We all know how devastating it is when we turn up at a social function and see the great new dress we are wearing on someone else! The same applies if we keep seeing the same bridesmaid dresses at every wedding we attend. We each want that unique look for the special occasions in our lives. For that reason, Andrew Adela limits the distribution of our dresses. You can only find our styles in full service bridal salons and quality boutiques. Andrew Adela is not sold online and we do not put pictures of our entire collection on our website. You will only see a few pictures on this site, but we have over 50 superb styles available for viewing at your authorized area retailer.

We know from experience that when all of a company’s pictures are online, unethical websites pop up overnight with their pictures and sell rip-off designs of inferior quality using the company’s name. The industry is full of nightmare stories where women have bought gowns online, expecting the same dress they see online or have seen in the store. Unfortunately, the dress comes in and it is not the same style, fabric or quality expected. We never want you to have that experience with Andrew Adela! When you order an Andrew Adela gown from our authorized retailers, you are assured of receiving the finest quality garment.

Our regular delivery times are fast and we offer a special rush delivery service for a nominal additional charge, allowing you to have the style you want, when you need it. We are fully insurance by our clients at . They helped us get cheap car insurance in a hurry. Please give them a call or use their quick quote system